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Ponderings - Pets

Numerous studies have shown that pets, or at least the presence of animals, can have medical benefits that are beyond dispute. These range from lowering blood pressure to lessening anxiety and depression and even to faster healing times after surgery.

I can appreciate that there are people who just aren't pet people. People who are either too busy, allergic, don't want the responsibilty, don't have the space, the money and the list goes on.

Then there are those who love the happy yelps of excitement of a puppy on your return home, the soft padding of a kitten as it attempts to make a cushion of your lap, the gentle tickling of a bird as it fidgits with the strands of your hair or the tickling of its tongue upon your earlobe.

I'm definately a pet keeper. I've never spent a year without having a pet growing up as a child and even now as an adult.

Pet owners have overall better physical health due to exercise with their pets.

Pets decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation in their owners.

Children owning pets are more likely to be involved in sports, hobbies, clubs or even chores.

For what ever the reasons you have a pet, share you most favourite moment with them, your favourite picture, or how having or not having a pet makes you feel.

We don't really understand why pets make us feel better, they just do.

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