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Ponderings - Fears

What is fear? What causes it? And why do some people seem fearless, seeking out horror flicks, thrill rides, and extreme sports, whereas other people avoid things that trigger any fear reaction? What can people do to conquer fears?

A fear reaction happens whenever we sense danger or when we're confronted with something new or unknown that seems potentially dangerous. Fear can be brief - like the startled reaction you have if a balloon unexpectedly pops or if you are surprised by something you didn't expect. This is often over in seconds, as soon as the brain gets enough data to realize there's no danger. If the brain doesn't receive the "all clear" signal, fear can last longer and feel more intense.

So what is a topic like "FEAR" doing in a post on REFRESH?

Most people tend to avoid the things they feel afraid of. There are, of course, exceptions. Some people seek out the thrill of extreme sports because the rush of fear can be exciting. We all experience fear slightly differently and with more or less intensity. Some people even like it and find it exciting.

Has there been a time when any of you have felt extreme fear, act on it and embrace it then realised, "Ive just overcome my fear" and felt a sense of relief afterwards?

I get motion sickness, so much so I find it difficult even going on a swing. Although I dont fear having a "pendulum effect" screwing up my balance, heights and a type of vertigo instills a fear. I am fine if Im 50 meters up high but as soon as I begin to move...goodnight the fox. I loose all speech cohesive, dry throat, sweaty hands etc etc..

I climbed a perfectly good wall in a harness on the weekend. Yes, I got to the top of each wall on most occasions and slowly my fear of being at the top then having to lean backward and "entrust" that the rope would keep me safe, lessened.

YAY for me? Id like to think so...one fear down...5 more to go.
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I think I have some sort of mild phobia of climbing ladders. I can remember being little and playing in a Chuckie-Cheese type place with a soft, rather short blue ladder leading up to a slide. Anyways, I was terrified while I was on the ladder, and had to have my parents pick me up and put me back down on the ground. That's the earliest that I can remember being afraid of climbing ladders.

Now I don't go much more than a couple feet up a ladder, and only when I really have to. If it's past the fourth rung, you can count me out. Strangely enough, completely vertical ladders are easier for me than slanted ladders.

I just can't be made to climb ladders. I don't know why I'm so afraid of climbing on them - maybe it's something to do with thinking that my foot will slip through. That would explain why I also don't like walking up or down unfinished stairs.

Aside from that, all my fears are pretty usual. Heights, deep water, strange noises in the dark, etc.
Ladders can be very overwhelming. I often forget how high Ive climbed at times then realise "I have to get down!!"

I have no probs going up, going down seems to be my problem.

Did you know I have a fear of sharks? I have studied sharks in depth and some ingrained fear still pokes its head up whenever I go to the beach. I cant enjoy swimming because I fret whenever something brushes by my leg. And I guess its not being able to see whats below me.

So yes, I share your deep water fear.

My biggest fear is having my children taken away from me. It think its nearly every parents nightmare to have their child kidnapped, killed, etc.

My next fear is death, because its so final and I dont want to leave people to be saddened over me.

I think that death is an interesting thing to be afraid of, mostly because we can never, ever avoid it. A person who's afraid of deep water can not swim in it all their lives, because they don't necessarily have to. But death happens to everyone, and you can't escape it. Ever.

For some reason, I tend to be more sad when I think of death, instead of afraid. As in, if I think about it too much, I'll want to cry, but I won't feel afraid so much. It seems like a very emotional thing to me, going through your last moments of existence before everything ends. It's not going to hurt, at least according to me; it'll feel the same way as it felt billions of years before being born, namely, like nothing at all. It really does seem like a time when your life would flash before your eyes.
Very true.

It does make me sad when I think about death. I look at myself at aged 30 knowing that Im getting closer and closer to "death" and I dont want to accept that I will get old before Ive experienced all the things my heart desires. Yet, in the past, Ive been so helplessly emotionally distraught that Id wish I were dead because only then I would be free from the horrible feelings that were riping me apart.

But then my logic would kick in and I would have to be strong because I had children whom were dependent upon me and I didnt want them to live without me. I wanted to see them grow up and share many memories wth them.

Its making me sad just thinking about it now. But its good Im talking about it.