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News Update - New Member


REFRESH has its fifth community member, _crookedsmile_. I had the previlidge of sneaking a peek at her absolutely stunning sun catchers. They are truely amazing and I wish her all the best with her creative endevours.

The Wall of Fame has been set in "stone" and our first five community members forever noted.

So I'd love to take the oppunity to tell you all that you all are most welcome to post to your hearts desire. Naturally posts are to be about things that make us feel better or suggest ways in which we can enhance our sense of happiness and inner calm.

I dont mind pictures of things you love, links to things you love. In fact Im happy if you post delirious elated ramblings about how something or one made you feel. This community is all about feeling good about yourself and sharing your stories, thoughts and inspirations to others.

Any suggestions toward the site are also welcomed.

And again, thanks for joining justrefresh!
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