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Refresh is...

Refreshingly Different

Dare to Relax?
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Refresh is, refreshingly new.
Refresh is, refreshingly different.

There are many ways of recharging and different methods suit different people. When you're stressed or run down, it's always good to give yourself "rewards". Do the things you love and enjoy and see and talk to the people you like. Where your life is bogged down with unpleasant and stressful events, you can restore some balance to it by doing these things. Spend as much time as you need to find the things that help you refresh your mind, body and spirit. Most importantly, ensure that you make enough time to do these things.

It is an important part of keeping yourself functioning effectively and avoiding the problems of burnout, anxiety and depression that come with intense, sustained stress.

Here at Refresh, we will be discussing possible suggestions that are available for your positive, well being.

-*Open Membership*-
Anyone may join, ask questions, and talk about any kind of way to refresh and energize your mind, body and spirit.

* Please be courteous to other community members and respect the fact members have different values, morals, backgrounds etc to that of your own*
* Refer FAQ'S*

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