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Hands up if you like science.

Hands up if the latest science news, research tidbits and science discussion's make you go weak at the neurons.

Well, I've found this quaint site called Science a GoGo.

For some of us, our mind is like a giant sponge. It aches for constant stimulation and drools at any opportunity to mop up any juicy tenderloin of scientific musing. For others, science is just a whole heap of gobblty gook.

I like learning things. Let me rephrase that. I LOVE learning new things. I am happy when I'm am exploring avenues that I've never even envisaged or fathomed. It may be science, it may be the creative arts, it may be music, yet the search for new and exciting avenues of information never fails to cease.

Being the natural curiousity thrill seeker I ventured to the "Curiousity Store". Low and behold I found the "Albert Einstein Action Figure". Not exactly you Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman but whoah! Who would have thought E=MC2 would actually equate to "he of most action figureness?" The action shot pictures of Albert made me giggle. Refresh Here

Come to think of it. That might be a great segment here. I take a pic of some figurines and everyone make up the comments. What do you think?
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