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Promotions - Drink Recipes

I'm not one of an alcohol drinker. In fact, I love the refreshing taste of something fruity and creamy over the screwdriver drilling of a hangover any day.

Many moons ago, I attended college. It was a Business Hospitality course and one of the course modules was "Alcohol Service" or something like that. Naturally we needed to partake (those who were old enough - 18 years in Australia) in the sampling of such beverages so we may "up sell" the tastes to prospective customers.

On many a Friday afternoon did I catch the bus home from class feeling somewhat...Beam me up Scottie!

Apparently, a few glasses of red wine each night is supposed to do wonders for lowering cholesterol levels and other things. Just one glass alone, would have me feeling pretty bloody good about myself let alone wonder "is my cholesterol lowering yet?"

Of course, alcohol in moderation is always a wise move and too many glasses of your most favourite "bevvie" may sneak up on you and hence turning you into;

1. Giggling Nutter
2. Floppy Ragdoll
3. Hotblooded Minx

And so the list goes on.

For those who are of age and for those who are'nt, I've found a groovy "chick" webpage that caters for both cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic). There's even history and what not.

I'm feeling pretty parched about now.

Clink glasses here

I'm not normally a fan of purple but I felt "in the zone" here at Drinks Recipe Central. And considering that 100% of justrefresh's members are women, I'm sure you won't be offended by the fizzing effervescence of something cranberry-like with vodka and what ever else.

Tell me which is your favourite "refreshing" drink of choice and the places you like to "chill".
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